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custom jewelry

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The creative process begins with an appointment with designer Dennis deJonghe in his studio. A new piece is developed by viewing photos from his portfolio or jewelry in the gallery. Sketches are created to illustrate these ideas. This helps to express scale, shapes and design options.

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The sketches develop a direction. As setting styles are considered, shapes and forms are explored and a design emerges. Materials include the traditional and the exotic: from diamonds and pearls to fantasy cut gems. Many times a family heirloom diamond will be reset and materials reused. Various choices in precious metals complete the design.

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When a design is approved, the next step begins: creation. Some pieces are carved in wax with the setting carved by hand. This enables the customer to view the piece three dimensionally in case changes are needed. This wax is not just a model but becomes the actual piece through lost-wax casting.

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In the hands of skilled craftsmen, the design is transformed through metals and colored gems. In the workshop, craftsmen use traditional skills and techniques to complete the design to its final polish.

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When each piece is perfected, it is hallmarked with the precious metal content and the deJonghe logo or signature to assure quality and future value. All pieces are copyrighted and designs reserved by the artist.

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The result is jewelry to be treasured for generations.

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