Ammolite Awe part 2 – Design and Sketches

Design and Sketches

I like the free form shape of the ammolite in contrast with the traditional round cut of the fire opal. I also like the variation in shapes, textures and even brilliance.

Due to its size I have decided to create a brooch. I love brooches because they compliment not only the wearer but enhance the clothing. They become the center attraction to an everyday jacket or sweater. We often get the question, “What’s the difference between a pin and a brooch?” Years ago I got to know this antique jewelry dealer that was as old as the pieces in his case. Confident I could learn a lot from this gentleman I asked to see a vintage Cartier pin in the case.

He leaned in and informed me, “That’s a brooch.”
I reply, “What’s the difference?”
He answers: “About a thousand dollars!”

I usually do a series of sketches experimenting with directions and accents. This is a really fun process and is exciting to see the transformation of design.

The ammolite shape and iridescent colors remind me of a dragonfly wing. The dragonfly motif has captivated jewelry designers for centuries. I will use this single gem to convey the graceful impression of a dragonfly form using the fire opal and gold as accents.



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