Creating the Alexandrite and Diamond Pendant

Alexandrite – “Nature’s Magic Trick”

We have always loved Alexandrite because of its rarity and unique property of changing color. Alexandrite is often referred to as, “Emerald by day and Ruby by night” because of its color changing phenomenon. The finest Alexandrites show a strong bluish-green in daylight and purplish-red in incandescent lighting. Alexandrite is part of the Chrysoberyl family, which includes Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl.

Named after Czar Alexander II of Russia, Alexandrite was found in the 1830’s in Russia’s Ural Mountains. In modern day, Alexandrite is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa, but in very small quantities.

Fine and large sized material is extremely rare.

Creating the Alexandrite and Diamond Pendant

We used this beautiful and exceptionally large Alexandrite (41.67ct) to create a pendant which is visually stunning. In addition to the large cabochon Alexandrite it also contains a round faceted Alexandrite and a Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl (all from the same mineral – Chrysoberyl)! It is accented by over 100 diamonds

We have used forged 14k gold, over 100 fine diamonds, two Alexandrites, and a Cat’s eye chrysoberyl (yes, all part of the same gem family!). The largest Alexandrite is set in platinum and the Cat’s Eye is set in 22k Gold.

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