deJonghe Jewelry Donates to the Spirit of Life Restoration

Jewelry designer and craftsman Dennis deJonghe, of deJonghe Original Jewelry, in Saratoga Springs, has collaborated with his son Evan to create a new Spirit of Life pendant. The 1st piece of this limited edition series will be donated to the 2015 Trask Art Show & Sale ( with 100% of its sale given to help raise funds to finish the Spirit of Life restoration. Retail price for the new pendant is $3,000.

Dennis and Evan are using their artistic skills to combine old world craftsmanship with 21st century technology. Dennis hand carved the 18k yellow gold statue into a 3- dimensional shape and Evan, using his skills with computer design, created the surrounding frame of diamonds.

Dennis deJonghe stated, “Carving the statue in miniature was very difficult due to the minute details. However it was critical to include these details because Saratogians know Daniel Chester French’s masterpiece so well.” Evan’s role used equal precision forming the surrounding diamond design. Evan continued, “I wanted to create an elegant border to showcase the Spirit of Life. The teardrop shape holds almost one carat of fine quality diamonds in a traditional pavé technique and a beaded milgrain boarder adds a vintage element.” The Spirit of Life appears to be floating off the diamonds when the two design elements are combined.

Through the remainder of 2015 deJonghe Original Jewelry will donate 50% of all sales of the Spirit of Life collection to the Preservation Foundation. To view this exclusive collection visit

Dennis deJonghe has served on the Saratoga Springs Preservation Board and chaired the Major Properties committee for many years. With the existence of the expanding “Saratoga Collection” jewelry, he continues to support the Saratoga Springs community through generous donations to major community projects.

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