deJonghe Storefront Renovation 2014

There has been a lot of buzz on what is happening at deJonghe’s jewelry shop on Broadway. The boarded-up storefront on the corner of Broadway and Lake Avenue has been getting people’s attention. Hidden behind the plywood is the highly anticipated “new” deJonghe Original Jewelry. Owner Dennis deJonghe has been planning this renovation for over a year and it is all coming together before the Saratoga summer season arrives.

Dennis explained his reason for the renovation, “The old entrance had a large alcove and resulted in a small interior space. The large windows were a challenge when I first moved in so I created 6 small jewel boxes to display our creations. The old entrance was a bit intimidating aesthetically and functionally wasn’t very efficient.” In discussing the historic building Dennis replied, “Being involved in the community and preserving the area’s historic landmarks is very important to me. I was chairperson of the Preservation Foundation’s Major properties for many years and therefore was very sensitive to the importance of this facade. The upper sign panel below the cornice was boarded up for years.  Next door, Menges and Curtis has the beautiful original leaded glass so I wanted to return the glass transom for the continuity of the building.” After the old facade was removed and the interior was exposed Dennis deJonghe was astounded by the open space and natural light. “We were overwhelmed with the sunlight pouring through the newly installed glass tiles. The original plan was to match the existing ceiling and therefore block the upper glass, but discovering this newfound light through the upper transom we decided to leave it open. It rejuvenated our entire gallery and will compliment our new cases.” Local cabinetmaker Hal Bigelow custom built all of the cases.

Working through the noise and dust, the jewelry workshop has remained open creating new jewelry. They are also committed to remain open to consult with customers for custom designs.  Their grand opening will be the first weekend in June, culminating in a show of over 30 new pieces designed and created by Dennis deJonghe.  Dennis stated, “I am working around the clock creating jewelry and my craftspeople are loving the time to concentrate on these new pieces.”

deJonghe Original Jewelry