The Fire Ring Project: How Two Stunning Rings Rose from the Ashes of a Devastating Fire

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What’s the story behind your wedding rings? When Mary and Andy of Santa Rosa, California lost the beloved symbols of their marriage to a fire, they thought that was the end, but their original jeweler helped bring the pieces back to life.

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The Story Behind the Fire Ring Project

Mary and Andy’s wedding rings were originally designed and created by Dennis deJonghe over 30 years ago. Sadly, the California couple’s rings were lost along with their home during the Tubbs Fire in October of 2017.

They awoke around 1am on October 9, 2017 to sirens, smoke, and embers falling from a red sky. When they attempted to evacuate, they ended up stuck in a traffic jam on the highway for about an hour, until a lane eventually opened to allow people through to safety. Other than Andy sneaking back the next day for photos, they weren’t able to return to assess damage for two weeks.

The Tubbs Fire burned for 123 days over 36,807 acres in northern California, with winds up to 70 to 80 miles per hour. There were 22 fatalities, including an elderly neighbor who lived around the corner from them, and 5,636 structures were destroyed, with an additional 317 structures damaged.

After combing the burnt embers for any metal, they sent Dennis a bag of melted gold to utilize in recreating their rings, if possible. Dennis didn’t just recreate the original rings, though, he worked with the couple to design a pair even more meaningful than before.

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The Rings: Renewed, Repurposed & Remarkable

Mary and Andy have two daughters, Kathryn and Maranda, and each had creative input on the design of the new rings. Dennis incorporated their birthstones and favorite diamond shapes – marquise with sapphire and oval with topaz. Eventually each daughter will inherit her respective ring from their mother.

Now Mary wears the two interlocking rings, each depicting symbols of love and family. The stunning final products are shown individually and as a pair in the images below.

three images of rings

Just in Time for the Vow Renewal!

Dennis was able to complete the Fire Ring Project by Christmas of 2021, in time for Mary and Andy’s anniversary and vow renewal in January of 2022.

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