Bold Bracelets That Make a Statement: Introducing the New Graphite Collection

stacked bracelets

What do you get when you combine oxidized, blackened silver with bright yellow 22k gold flakes? Our stunning and unique collection of new bracelets, available to order now.

stacked bracelets

Daring New Pieces Created In-House, By Hand

The Graphite Bracelet Collection, like over 90% of our offerings here at deJonghe Original Jewelry, is handcrafted in our own Saratoga studio. These bracelets have been created with love and by hand using old school forging, fusing, and diamond setting techniques.

split image of man creating jewelry on left, pouring yellow gold on the right

We start with a strip of sterling silver, then add the 22k yellow gold metal in the correct pattern, and fuse it to the sterling using a torch. We then hand forge to add the texture and mold it into the ideal bracelet shape. And we set any additional diamonds in a scattered pattern.

six bracelets

We currently have six distinct bracelet designs that are separated into a narrow or wide width, with or without diamonds. We also have one wide version that can take a heavy chain. All options exhibit a unisex design that can be worn all the time.

We Went Outside the (Jewelry) Box With This Series

closeup of person bringing a hammer to a bracelet they're creating

The graphite bracelet collection is unmistakably different from our other offerings, like the equestrian collection, with classic white golds and rose golds. Or, the summer collection, which encompasses gems in bright shades of pink, green, sapphire, and other vibrant colors coupled with warm gold or rose gold bands and chains.

collage of male and female hands modeling bracelets

This truly unique addition to our gallery features oxidized blackened silver for an unconventional yet intriguingly attractive quality, and it couples nicely with the opulent yellow gold showing a strong contrast and contemporary style.

three bracelets

As a top designer of custom jewelry in the Saratoga region, we know how to bring a new idea to life through jewelry. We wanted this collection to stand out and make a bold statement, and so far our customers have responded favorably – our first round has already sold out!

Don’t Wait – Order One of These Popular Bracelets Today

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We are currently taking additional orders for the six styles described here that you can also see in our Graphite Bracelet Collection page. Keep an eye out for more variations and different types of jewelry coming down the line, including cufflinks! And, look ahead to the holiday season now, because if you place an order by the second week of October the bracelet will be guaranteed by Christmas.

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