Value Matters at deJonghe Original Jewelry: Why We Source Natural Diamonds Over Lab Grown

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Gemstones enhance the beauty, rarity, and value of jewelry, but none shine brighter than the diamond. Even as lab grown diamonds flood today’s market, the natural diamond remains one of the most desirable gemstones in the world thanks to its monetary and sentimental value as jewelry is passed down through generations. This is one of the main reasons we only source natural diamonds for our original jewelry, and why it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

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Where Do These Two Types of Diamonds Come From?

Natural diamonds are formed by Mother Nature which are mined from the earth. These diamonds formed millions of years ago due to intense heat and pressure from within Earth’s mantle, approximately 150 – 250 kilometers below the surface. There is a finite number of natural diamonds, which gives them rarity and value.

In contrast, lab grown (synthetic) diamonds are made in a factory using processes to replicate Mother Nature’s formation of natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are artificial products with the same physical characteristics as natural diamonds, but they lack the same value.

Natural Mined Diamonds Are the Only Option at deJonghe

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At the start of our business, Dennis made a policy to work only in natural materials and no synthetic gems. It’s important to us that our jewelry only has natural diamonds (and other natural gemstones). We see our fine jewelry as generational heirlooms that can be worn and loved for years, so when they are eventually passed down, they will retain significant value – both monetary and sentimental – for the recipient.

Additionally, while the value of lab grown diamonds has diminished as a result of the large number being produced for the market, natural diamonds have historically held their value and even increased in value in recent years. Furthermore, the diamond quality that we carry (F-G-H color / VS – SI clarity) has seen a major increase in value the past few months.

Examining the Environmental Impact of the Diamond Industry

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Another reason we’re committed to using natural diamonds for our jewelry is because of how they’re sourced. Sustainability is an important focus for mining companies in their operations, and they work hard to protect native lands and properly restore them after the closure of the mines. Not only that, but mining companies support local communities by providing jobs, building schools, and even developing infrastructure.

On the other hand, research is still being done to determine the full environmental impact of factories that produce lab grown diamonds. Despite being marketed as “eco-friendly,” the creation process requires constant energy and the use of large microwave-heat generators.

We recognize the positive impact that mining companies have left on the areas they’ve operated in and support the mining of natural diamonds.

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High-quality custom jewelry is our specialty at deJonghe Original Jewelry in Saratoga Springs, and we are committed to sourcing natural gemstones with beauty, rarity, and value to be enjoyed for years.

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