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“Our years of experience and combined talents allow us to transform an idea into a beautiful jewelry creation. It is important that we provide communication throughout the entire jewelry making process to maintain a strong relationship with our customer.”
– Dennis deJonghe owner/designer

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Jewelry design consultation

The process begins with an appointment with Dennis or Evan deJonghe in their Saratoga Springs jewelry studio. Whether the final piece will be an engagement ring, anniversary gift, mother’s jewelry or just because — we’ll go through the same creative process. This is true for rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, or men’s jewelry. The concept for the jewelry is further developed by viewing photos from the portfolio or in the gallery.

Sketches developed, gems and materials discussed

Sketches are created to illustrate ideas discussed during the consultation. This helps to express scale, shape and design options. Sketches develop an overall direction, and as setting styles are considered, shapes and forms are explored and a design emerges. Gemstone varieties and shapes can be anything from the traditional to the exotic: from ideal cut diamonds, rubies and emeralds to pearls, alexandrites and tourmalines. Diamonds are reviewed in depth, including full coverage of the 4 C’s (carat, color, clarity, cut). Our inventory of diamonds is shown, matching the desired specs. Each can be closely inspected comparing carat weight, inclusions within the diamond (clarity), color of the diamond, and the cut. If you prefer a colored gemstone, you can choose from our vast collection. Our close connections to the top gemstone dealers in the country further expand the selection. Many times a family heirloom diamond or gemstone can be reset and certain materials reused. The final decision of metal choice is reviewed, including the various choices in precious metals – platinum, 14k yellow or white gold, or palladium are the most popular choices.

Wax model produced or jewelry fabricated using metal

When a jewelry design is approved, the next step begins: creation. Some jewelry creations begin with a wax model, carved by hand, which interprets the sketches and ideas discussed, translating them into a three dimensional model. For more intricate jewelry designs and custom engagement rings, we enhance our artistic talents using  computer aided design (CAD). The jewelry design is created using a computer software, then the wax model can be printed on a 3-D printer. Either method enables the customer to view the jewelry three dimensionally before it is cast. This wax is more than just a model – it becomes the actual piece through lost-wax casting.

Sometimes the original jewelry idea doesn’t require a wax model. In this case it is fabricated by hand using precious metal stock and is assembled using old world techniques such as soldering, forging and riveting. Laser welding jewelry is a newer technology that allows us to create pieces that might have been impossible beforehand.

Casting, clean-up, and stone setting

It’s most common for the creation to begin with the wax model. After the wax is cast, the design is transformed through metals and colored gemstones. The custom jewelry casting is sanded and polished, removing any rough and dull areas. In the workshop, craftsmen use traditional skills and techniques to complete any details of the jewelry design, including engraving and setting gemstones. For diamond engagement rings, the center diamond is set last with the utmost care and precision. The jewelry is then brought to a final bright polish.

Final polish, hallmarked and treasured for generations

When each piece is perfected, it is hallmarked with the precious metal content and the deJonghe logo or signature, to assure quality and future value. All jewelry is copyrighted and designs reserved by the artist.

The result is an original jewelry creation to be treasured for generations.

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