5 Reasons Moms Love Mother’s Day Jewelry

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner it’s time to start planning how you will show your appreciation for the moms in your life. Giving the gift of jewelry on Mother’s Day is a great option and here’s why:

  1. Birthstone Jewelry is Meaningful
  2. Mother’s day jewelry can be easily personalized with a specific birthstone or an engraved message. Mom’s love jewelry that is thoughtful and represents the family.

  3. Mother’s Day Jewelry can be passed down
  4. Eventually each child can receive their own birthstone jewelry – handed down to them from Mom. This gift to mom on mother’s day turns into another special gift when the child is old enough to receive it as a gift to them. Not only are they receiving jewelry with their gemstone, but they are receiving something they could never buy at a store – sentimentality

  5. Jewelry holds up over time
  6. Unlike flowers that last maybe a week, or chocolate that lasts a day if you’re lucky, jewelry can last for years or even generations. Pendants and earrings are a great choice because they are the most versatile and customizable. Our new favorites are these gold infinity earrings – with or without a diamond (or a special birthstone)!. Infinity Earrings with Diamonds

  7. Adds to her wardrobe
  8. Jewelry is the perfect accessory to any outfit – so why not gift mom with fine jewelry to accentuate her style?

  9. Mother’s Day Jewelry tells a story
  10. Every piece of jewelry tells a story. When it’s a special Mother’s Day jewelry that represents your family it holds even more sentimentality.

    Give the gift of a thumbprint pendant

    One of the most unique item of jewelry you can give is a custom fingerprint pendant or charm which creates a story in itself. Our fingerprint jewelry starts with a meeting at our studio where we gently push the child’s thumb into a warm soft wax. This creates a perfect impression which can then be cast into yellow or white gold and we transform it into truly a one of a kind piece of jewelry. We recommend a minimum age of 1 year old. thumbprint pendant

BONUS Reason Mom’s Love Jewelry:

Our DIY Bracelet Kits gives you a chance to make jewelry at home with the kids! They are complete with a collection of natural gemstone beads (including pearls), stringing supplies, and enough clasps for two bracelets!

DIY Bracelet Kit

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The American Gemstone Society shows a list of all the birthstones and is a great resource for any gemstone research!

If you have any questions about any of the Mother’s Day Jewelry or Birthstones please reach out to us via our contact page, email, or a phone call (518-587-6422)!

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